Season 3

Survival Welcome to Season 3 Survival! Share your work, plan the next community projects & stay up to date with the latest happenings. Cryptonia Welcome to Season 3 Cryptonia! This is a survival-enhanced server, with many different game-changing plugins. Recruit players for the next mega-base, or chat with each other - this is the place. Drehmal Watch out for our latest addition: Drehmal! Drehmal is a custom RPG map made completely in vanilla Minecraft by a hugely talented team of people. Anarchy Chaos, destruction & pandemonium… it all happens on Anarchy. The lawless land is ready for action, plan the next great attack here or show off your secret base! Creative Welcome to Season 3 Creative! Recruit new members for builds, show off your latest creations & have fun.
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0 30 1 July 2021